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The Virginity Issue


Sisters! Friends! Comrades!


Welcome to The Backyard Revolutionary News' Virginity Issue! 


We are sexual beings. To pretend otherwise feeds the arrogant, destructive patriarchal system that tries to restrict and suppress our bodies and desires just as we are awakening to them. Today we say, “No more!” As Margaret Sanger, the god mother of modern sex education said, “No woman can call herself free until she is in control of her own body.”
Sex should be a positive, pleasurable, and beneficial part of life and it is time to stand up for smarter, healthier sexual attitudes. At Camp Mossandsticks we believe everyone has the right to explore, express, and enjoy their sexuality on their own terms. 

Sexual liberation begins when we ask ourselves: what does sex and sexuality mean to me?


So join the conversation! 


The power is in your hands!


To order your copy, email us at:

Our Heroes Issue


Friends! Comrades!

Welcome to the first issue of The Camp Mossandsticks’ Backyard Revolutionary News! 

The revolution is in session wherever you are!

To kick off this inaugural publication right, we pay homage to the ones who fought to get us where we are today; they are the heroes we admire and aspire to be! In the following pages, meet Angela, Gloria, Valerie, Cathy and Grace: some of the fiercest, most determined revolutionaries there are. Their stories will inspire you and will find yourself asking:


To order your copy, email us at:

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